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Tecwyn (Tec) Roberts from Llanddaniel Fab

Tecwyn Roberts of Trefnant Bach cottage, Llanddaniel was a former pupil of Ysgol Parc y Bont (school), who became the NASA’s first Flight Dynamics Officer with the Mercury Project that put the first American into Space.

Tecwyn became the Chief of Manned Flight Support Division during the early 1960s , the Chief of Network Engineering Division during the Apollo Moon landings and later was promoted to Director of Networks at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Tecwyn worked with many famous astronauts including John H. Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Tecwyn met both President Kennedy and President Nixon, he was honoured with the NASA Exceptional Service Award and NASA Exceptional Service Medals.

After his retirement from NASA Tecwyn returned home to Llanddaniel to tell his story to the children at Ysgol Parc y Bont school.  Here is (some of) his story...
Project Mercury AVRo Canada Tecwyn (Tec) Roberts - Llanddaniel - The Early Years Saunders Roe Beaumaris Saunders Roe - Isle of White - Tecwyn (Tec) Roberts - Llanddaniel Return to Llanddaniel 1974
Opening of Honeysuckle Creek The Moon Landings "A - OK" Manned Flight Support Division Space Task Group 1958
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